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Experts behind Qatar’s Mega Projects to discuss ‘sustainability’ at the 5th Annual Concepts Middle East

Construction and design experts stress on having the right attitude towards challenges of sustainability and convert them into opportunities. “We need to start discussing on the bigger picture of the true economic cost of ‘non-sustainable’ design as compared to ‘sustainable’ design rather than discussing about some initial financial cost implications in a typical project” says Holley Chant, Executive Director – Sustainability at KEO International Consultants. Holley Chant is one of the many experts who will be addressing a delegation of more than 100 construction, design, and fit-out professionals at the upcoming 5th Annual Concepts Middle East in Doha. Taking place on May 28th and 29th, the summit will begin with an introductory panel discussion presided by Holley Chant and three other experts presenting their individual viewpoints on how Qatar’s mega projects are balancing the Middle Eastern and global standards while working towards realizing the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Holley Chant

The two day initiative is organised and hosted by French business information group naseba. It allows participants to present their new products and services and meet potential buyers during business networking sessions. Guillermo Fernández, General Manager, ThyssenKrupp said “We are always committed to develop innovative products and services that create sustainable infrastructures and promote efficient use of resources.

Guillermo Fernández

ThyssenKrupp is among many such local and International solution providers showcasing their services at the summit. Other solution providers include Alcatel Lucent, Ideal standard, Asfour crystal, Izipoli, Faraidooni bathrooms, Lana group, Almana & partners, Living interiors, Morgan, RAKitaliano, Allegion, and Capital trading. “We are very proud to be committed towards supporting sustainable development through this initiative by hosting regional experts who will discuss not just the challenges but also the opportunities of green initiatives” explained Mohammed Saleem, naseba Hospitality & Design Series Director. Information & images by courtesy of naseba
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