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Equip’Hôtel 2012, a wealth of networking opportunities for Architects and Designers

Innovation, creativity and trends… For more than 50 years, the entire industry, including trade unions, trade associations, schools, government authorities and private businesses, has been attending the show and supporting its design and decor initiatives for the hospitality sector. This year, Equip’Hôtel will be sponsored by Alain Ducasse, and our profession will be more prominent than ever, both in France and overseas, as we place the spotlight on decor! Equip’Hôtel has always made hospitality design and decor a priority. This sector has grown and evolved substantially over recent sessions, underlining the importance of design when planning a hotel or restaurant. Every year architects and designers look to us for insight into the latest trends for their next project. The hospitality sector is particularly innovative in this field,” says Corinne Menegaux, Director of Equip’Hôtel. Adds Alain Ducasse: “Equip’Hôtel is a key event for our industry. It offers a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and innovations, and is a forum for ideas and knowledge sharing. I am especially honoured to take part in an event that is so crucial to the growth of our industry.· Studio Déco by Elizabeth Leriche and Vasken Yégahayian Equip’Hôtel's flagship area for horeca trends!Tomorrow's hotels will have to be meeting places that create a balance between personal wellbeing and openness to different experience. They will arouse new emotions.Elizabeth Leriche - trend spotter The “OPENHÔTEL” experience is inspired by the “outdoor hotel” concept where nature is key and boundaries between interior and exterior are blurred. It is a new approach that introduces the idea of sedentary nomadism, the alternation between private and public, countryside and city, camping and glamour. This flexible and relaxed style of hospitality allows guests to experience tranquillity, a new state of wellbeing, and harmony with the environment. It offers a stay that is both comforting and restful – a journey within a journey. There will be four types of OPENHÔTEL experience: NORDIQUE ÉCOLO will take visitors on a journey across the far north where the accent will be on the Scandinavian influence of log cabins and primitive huts. TECHNO CUBE has a definite contemporary feel, transporting us into the near future and introducing us to a new relationship with nature. It is total immersion but absolute comfort, connected to the world yet dramatically disconnected. VINTAGE CARAVANE takes us “on the road again” with a nostalgic look at the sixties, past influences that are constantly being revamped. COUNTRY CHIC is a delightful nature retreat in a romantic, luxurious tent amid the greenery. · Chefs' Restaurant by Jean-Philippe NuelRestaurants will be organised like theatres, where the kitchen is designed as a performance space.Jean-Philippe Nuel – Architect An open kitchen with live commentary to show trade visitors some of the challenges faced by the restaurant industry. The kitchen is designed entirely in stainless steel and glass to contrast with the decor of the restaurant. It becomes a virtual, dream-like forest, a symbol of nature and source of creativity for chefs. · Studio VIP by Francesca AvossaTomorrow's hotels will have their own character and be unlike anything else; they will be unique venues, both for the service and the architecture and decor. They will be havens yet not isolated: the hotel of the future will be ultra-connected but at the same time soothing, whether it is in the city or the countryside.Francesca Avossa - Artistic director and set designer The VIP studio will be like a trends area, with a focus on decor and design. The architecture of the space will showcase the cuttingedge products of some of the brands participating in the show (e.g. upholstery fabrics, wall-covering and furniture). · Studio Design by Gérard Laizé Studio Design will feature furniture specially created for the hotel and restaurant industry by leading architects. Studio Design will be brimming with special finds handpicked from around the world by Gérard Laizé (VIA)! Be sure to check out furniture by Patrick Jouin – Mandarin Oriental, Paris; Matali Crasset – Hi Hotel, Nice; Jean-Philippe Nuel – Piscine Molitor, Paris; India Mahdavi – Semiramis, Codesa DF, Athens; Philippe Starck – Hôtel Mama Shelter, Paris; and Odile Decq – Restaurant Le Phantom, Paris. (List as at 15/06/12 - subject to modification.) · Sky Studio by Sébastien d’Evry and Lydia HarrochWe now have to gear the hospitality industry towards customer expectations and offer customers a unique, interactive experience that allows them to rediscover their values, explore different worlds and have choice. The goal is to give customers a positive experience so that we win their loyalty and achieve success.Sébastien d’Evry - Architect “Al fresco” trends! A full array of equipment and decor solutions for outdoor dining. Sky Studio will offer visitors a new experience, giving them insight into the trends and challenges associated with new regulations. There will be three themes: The Bistro, the Smoking Room and the Institute. · Bar Studio by Didier and Fabrice KnollAfter fifteen years of evolving style, ambiance and colour, design is now heading towards high integrity and ethics. Hotel investors and their architects are combining their ideas with the positive effects of the recession to create attractive and imaginative hotels and restaurants.Fabrice and Didier Knoll - Architects It's show time in the Studio Bar! The show's hip events area is sponsored in 2012 by Mary de Vivo, owner and artistic director of Réservoir. Dedicated to the cafe-bar and night club sector. · Architects, designers and decorators associations come together! New in 2012! Designer’s Days and Equip'Hôtel team up in a partnership that celebrates design in the hospitality industry. Converging points of view: Design is key to Equip’Hôtel, which devotes numerous events to this topic every year. In 2012, as well as the Studios created by leading architects, Equip’Hôtel will be launching a competition for inventors and design school students: Equip’Innov Inventions. There will be five categories – Bar, Dining Room, Lighting, Patio and Bathroom – offering competitors an opportunity to present prototypes and show how design can resolve some of the problems faced by hotels and restaurants. “What makes this event unique is that it both appeals to the public and meets the needs of the trade. We offer architects, designers, consulting firms and space planners a well-thought out and high-calibre programme of events that addresses industry issues. This has led to a natural partnership with Equip’Hôtel. We are delighted to find in this unique show a forum to promote our business activities.Alain Lardet, chairman of Designer’s Days Also:, UNAID (French architects and interior designers trade association), Employers' trade union (affiliated with the FFB Grand Paris builders federation), UNIFA (National Union of French Furniture Industries) - Confédération des Arts de la Table. International associations: SBID, Society of British Interior Design, and Arts Thread, the website for architecture and design graduates at (UK); CODE Magazine (Italy); HD, Hospitality Design (USA); SIO, Association of Interior Architects (Finland); SIAS Contract, an interior design firm specialising in hotels, and NIL, the Norwegian Association for Interior Designers (Norway); Akademisk Arkitektforening AA, the Danish Architects' Association (Denmark); and Russia's House of Design and Association of Interior Decorators. Equip’Hôtel at a glance* 5 themed areas – 20 industry sectors – 107,091 professionals including 18.6% international – 1,500 exhibitors - 100,000 m² of exhibition space – More than 1,000 participants: chefs, architects, experts, French and foreign journalists. * 2010 figures Visit the Equip’Hôtel website
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