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Enjoy the best paintings of Picasso, sitting on a bench Aero by Sellex

Picasso Museum in Barcelona that was equipped some time ago with AERO Benches of Sellex, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina continues to grow. The Backless bench selfstanding aluminum version of AERO is a combination of minimalism, lightness, elegance, comfort and sturdiness that seamlessly blends with the spaces and works of the famous artist. After several extensions, they currently count on five mansions dated from XIII and XIV centuries (all of them restored in XVIII) and forming the present Barcelona's Museum, which is one of the most visited ones in the catalan capital, attracted by the work of the brilliant painter from Malaga. But the Barcelona's City Hall wants it to go on growing in a natural way. So, they intend to occupy some of the detached buildings, such us the one called "Casa dels Giudice". Sellex expect they will come to an agreement soon and Picasso Museum will still be the most visited one in Barcelona. Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to share with yousome pictures of AERO Bench by Sellex in this Museum. Source: Sellex Read more news related Sellex published at Infurma Visit the Sellex website Visit the Sellex sheet at Infurma
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