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Enea wears in white steel the waiting areas of Visiopole of La Rochelle (France)

The Enea Open bench, designed by the multifaceted Gabriel Teixidó, has been chosen by the French ophthalmic Visiopole to equip the waiting areas and exercise as a counterpoint of their multicoloured walls. The Open bench, designed by the industrial designer Gabriel Teixidó, has been installed in its purest form in Visiopole ophthalmology center of La Rochelle (France). With white lacquered steel frame and anodized aluminum profiles as sustenance the bench is the silent partner of the patients in the clinic and the element of contrast to the colorful decor and fresh architecture that forms the complex. Open is a program especially designed for contract spaces where design, form and function are integrated to give life to a set of versatile seating adapting with personality to different locations. Fully modular and composable allows changing seats with each other in an easy and fast ways well as allowing perform high capacity benches (2 to 8 seats in a single bench) or connecting benches with each other to provide greater capacity to the system without lose their design lines. And with the various accessories available: modular tables, incorporating arms, upholstery or seat-backs polyurethanes, give it a character and special distinction to the seat wherever it is located. Source: Enea Read more news related Enea published at Infurma Visit the new Enea website Visit the Enea sheet at Infurma
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