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El Nacional: a former modernist garage in Barcelona converted in a culinary multi-zone establishment by Lázaro Rosa-Violán

El Nacional, a unique, innovative and ambitious project within the restaurant industry, where the most prominent Peninsular cuisine unites in spectacular fashion with the city’s historical heritage. An interior design project by Lázaro Rosa Violán.

The first culinary multi-zone establishment in the country presents itself as a restaurant of restaurants where everyone can enjoy traditional recipes from the Iberian Peninsula, prepared with fresh products and in a unique environment, which reflects the social and cultural life of the city. El Nacional is born with high standards and its headquarters are situated in an absolute gem of late 19th century industrial architecture, located on a block of Barcelona’s Eixample district, at the bustling heart of the city, yet remaining peaceful and discreet. Until a few months ago it was little more than an abandoned car park at number 24 bis, Passeig de Gràcia. Luckily, this establishment opens the doors of this historical building to the city once more. The interior design of El Nacional has been entrusted to Lázaro Rosa Violán, the popular studio based in Barcelona that has managed to put its flawless, personal stamp on every project that has come their way, and has succeeded in becoming synonymous with grandeur and professionalism. Its work is renowned for the unsurpassed recreation of the modernist architecture of the 30’s and 40’s, managing to contrive a modern ambience with traditional roots.

20% of the materials used in El Nacional for example, have been recycled in order to achieve this authentic atmosphere, and the necessary connection to the historical memory of the building. What’s more, the decorative details go hand in hand with the cuisine, as they represent a sample of peninsular design and craft work. This results in different corners with their own personalities, yet which remain coherent as an ensemble. One can appreciate, for example, ceramic wall art and mosaics made in Valencia or incredible glass lamps from Galicia. All made of wood, ceramic, glass, wicker, granite, marble and iron. Noble materials, full of character, that do not need to be imported from overseas as, throughout the country, we can find real gems with which to furnish even the most refined interiors. The layout of the establishment is almost as important as the décor itself. El Nacional has two entrances: one on Passeig de Gràcia and the other on Pau Claris. It covers a surface area of 3,500 m2 with some 2,400 m2 in view of customers —the rest is used for the kitchen and for storage of products and for staff— which is divided into three central islands, used as bars, the meeting points within the establishment, and four restaurant areas surrounding them, as well as a fourth bar. Between the central hub of El Nacional and the dining areas, there is a wide, oval aisle which goes the whole way around the venue.

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