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DissenyaDos designs Garage Beer Co., a Brew factory installed in a garage

Garage Beber Co. is a brewery installed in a garage. This is the idea that articulates the entire project designed by Pedro Scattarella of DissenyaDos. It is the result of two friends decide to build its brewery in his garage. The bar near the entrance and lounges for tasting accompany this idea. Each element is in place that should naturally be and seems made for themselves.

This factory marks the industrial aesthetic of the whole place. All the installations are views, but in this case DissenyaDos decided to make all wiring through tubes instead of using trays (which allow you many more lines inside). These tubes are a connecting element into place as it starts at the entrance a lot of lines that are left in each lamp and only a few come to the factory located at the back of the bar.

Another great premise when designing this place was that it must be an authentic place. All furniture should be recovered (not to seem), and really they set to it. If there are two different models of chairs is that there was no available the necessary amount of one type to meet the demands of the bar. Chairs, stools, sofas and armchairs, everything was bought second hand searching and searching on the internet. DissenyaDos avoid decorating shops and obviously the purchase catalog a chair for each model. All wood used in the bar (after bar fronts, banks, perimeter bars and high tables) is reused  wooden formwork. Typical 2x1 meter panels used in construction for formwork for concreting. They selected those who were about to be discarded, which were in better condition.

For lighting, they bought the lamps of the bar at a hardware store (are authentic used in machine shops) hidden spotlights for perimeter lighting. As ambient lighting DissenyaDos designed supports for fluorescent tubes folded black metal. The lamps that illuminate the sofa area are also bought second hand or even given away.

Finally we found the factory. This place is the laboratory. Here they have done with care, white, easy to clean surfaces. Very bright. All tanks which make the manufacturing process of stainless steel. Which can be seen through the large iron gate and glass. separating the manufactures of the room.

Garage Beer Co. C/Consell de Cent, 261 Barcelona

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