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Displayed at iSaloni 2013: Folly, a design by Ron Arad for Magis brand

The line between sculpture and design is very thin in Ron Arad’s work. The bench /sculpture Folly designed for the Italian brand Magis is an example of this. His creations, whether functional or purely aesthetic in nature, are characterized by motion, by soft lines that give all his works a highly dynamic orientation despite their primitive, simple forms. Ron Arad’s creative process sets out by experimenting with the expressive potential of materials, transcending mere functionality to create objects which are highly plastic and expressive and can be reworked to become products for large-scale distribution. That’s what happened also with Folly, the bench/sculpture in rotational-moulded polyethylene, available in a unique colour (rust brown) and suitable both for outdoor and indoor use. It is in fact a sculptural object with its own functionality: a bench allowing 8/10 people to sit down on it. Source: Magis Read more news related Magis published at Infurma Read more news related Ron Arad published at Infurma Visit the Magis website Visit the Magis sheet at Infurma
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