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Crea International designs the new banking generation with ForteBank in Kazakistan

Crea International carries out  the Physical Brand Design consolidating the new ForteBank positioning through a real brand innovation project. A new banking brand with the mission to be a step ahead on retail banking kazakh market, through a premium positioning. ForteBank first aim is to provide high service level to its customers and their financial needs using newest banking technologies and completely different from processes which are used by traditional banks in Kazakistan. The bank has to keep beside them step by step along their business growth to establish a strong and longterm relationship well reputed and unmistakable, teaching them the techniques and procedures to improve their business strategies. Developing the innovative design concept, Crea International has looked at various options, estimated the world's best examples of banking to introduce them in the new ForteBank branch, specifically directed to its customers and products. Starting from the idea that most successful retail banking formats are moving away from the standard design of the office, Crea's team has been asked to create a new banking layout, not only for the innovative design but also for quality of service. Source: Crea International Read more news related Crea International published at Infurma Visit the Crea International website
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