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Crea International designs the most progressive Islamic bank store concept of Barwa Bank

The Barwa Bank branch design concept has been one of the most challenging projects that Crea International has ever developed: designing the most progressive Islamic bank of the future, showcasing either modernity and coolness strongly rooted with the tradition of the country was the brief assigned by the client. The objective was to propose an environment aimed to customers more and more familiar with most innovative technologies, a bank thought where people would feel comfortable and welcome in an retail environment close to the fashion mid market luxury. Through the methodology of Physical Brand Design, Crea International team approached the project in a very logical and structured way: In the first place, we look into the history and traditions of the country to get familiar with the components Qatari people felt very belonging to their culture and were proud of. We also analysed throughout the mission of Barwa Bank and the values it stands for, and finally we looked at the banking models both in Western and Middle East countries to build a strong point of difference and a gap with the current models", as claims Viviana Rigolli, strategy director of the project. To ensure real distinctiveness versus such current banking models and to build the most innovative bank, Crea International designed a new service standard: only a central banking area hosting multifunctional comfortable workstations where the bank assistant can seat close or in front of his client looking together at touch screen table, where all banking functions can be performed with total transparency and almost paperless. The final result is a delicate balance between tangibility, simplicity, intuitive space fruition of the service model together with the warm but still precious environment and design that characterizes the banking space. Visit the Crea International website
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