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Colombo Design presents CD SIGNS, a rich and versatile collection of customizable signage contract

After 20 years of history, distinguished by remarkable results and continuous evolution, Colombo Design launches its new product line "Signs", a signage collection for interior and exterior environments, which uses customizable plates of plexiglass and stainless steel. The project stems from a popular and contemporary reading of signs, which has advanced the decorative potential of these all to often overlooked items, turning them into a "furnishing" for various environments. Colombo Design's Signs have a very pleasing aesthetic thanks to the expressive potentiality given by the direct printing on the plates. For its new signage line, Colombo Design continues to guarantee its expertise in design and brand imprinting, consisting of values such as style, the made in Italy promise and environmental sustainability. These factors ensure the reliability of a company dedicated to quality and service, which has already been expressed by the company's successful production of door handles and bathroom accessories. The main aim of the "Signs" is to be a line designed to seemlessly harmonize the signage plates within the environment in which they are installed: the vast choice of colour combinations together with extreme customization of icons, creating elegant finished products. The quick and easy installation of the panels is designed to meet the needs of the customer who has the freedom to either paste or fix them to the wall, in parallel or perpendicular positions, or alternatively suspend the signs from the ceiling. The versatility of the fixing solutions, in addition to the high technical approach, complete the visual coherence and elegance of the "Signs" collection, designed to communicate in a sophisticated and contemporary manner. Source: Colombo Design Visit the Colombo Design website
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