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Casper Schwarz refurbishes the former townhall of Alphen aan den Rijn to accommodate merging three municipalities

As of January 1, 2014 , the municipalities Alphen aan den Rijn , Rijnwoude and Boskoop in Netherlands, are merged. To make this possible, architect Casper Schwarz, from C4ID interieurarchitecten has completely refurbished the former townhall of Alphen aan den Rijn in such a manner  that 300 extra employees can use this building for their daily work. C4ID has developed a concept that is not based on extra workstations, but creating as many different areas as possible with overlapping functions. in this way everyone can choose how, where and with who to work. The welfare of the employees and visitors was set as a dominant starting point in each design choice. This was not expressed in all kinds of fancy ideas and luxury facilities, but by providing a great sense of freedom and by bringing daily sources of happiness such as nature and leisure associations inside the building. Work-Life balance asks for the careful reinvention of office environments. One can find busy and quiet areas , cafes , study rooms comparable to a library, open spaces, communication areas and private rooms.  One can wander around and find a spot which matches your workflow, personal mood and amount of colleagues. C4ID has designed the overall concept, including the office floors , council room , restaurant , work cafe , several new meeting rooms and intervening spaces. In addition, the public spaces, the boardrooms and the look and feel of other existing spaces. Information and images by courtesy of C4ID Photographies: Roos Aldershoff Read more news related C4ID published at Infurma Visit the C4ID website
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