Case Studies: Play of colours at BimBamBum with Pedrali Snow Jr chairs. A space designed by Iaboni+Priftaj Design Associates

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The Italian company furniture, Pedrali, gives brightness and comfort  to the new space dedicated to childhood BimBamBum, in Tirana. A creative and innovative child-friendly space, located in the centre of the capital of Albania. 
BimBamBum kindergarten, first of its kind and built according to state-of-the-art architectural criteria, is located just outside Tirana old town, on the top of a hill overlooking the city: designed by Juri Iaboni and Nanelda Priftaj of Iaboni+Priftaj Design Associates (IPDAA) studio, was conceived following the most advanced currents of thought concerning the childhood world. 
The kindergarten is designed for a capacity of 100 children between 0 and 6 years old and covers 600 sqm of internal surface and 300 sqm of outdoor playing area. The building was created on the basis of a dedicated study conducted for ergonomics and psycho-physic health of the space with a consequent maximization of natural light use and sectoralisation of light temperatures based on users age. Some chromatic theories developed at the Bauhaus have been applied to this project too. 
To stimulate the creativity and fun of the children, keeping an eye to their comfort, contribute the furnishings of Snow collection, designed by Odo Fioravanti who has been collaborating for ten years with the Italian company. For the areas dedicated to children have been chosen Snow Junior chairs, featured by an unmistakable shape: made of polypropylene reinforced by glass fibers and injected with gas air moulding technology, they are the Snow chair natural adaptation to kids world. Since 2008 Snow chair has been one of the most successful product of Pedrali, whose philosophy is based on beauty, tradition and innovation. 
Snow Junior chairs, combined with the name sake table, are therefore able to create small welcome areas for children, enriched by fun and stimulating colour combinations. 
Even the offices of school management are featured by cheerful and engaging shades thanks to the Snow chairs, which welcome the adults, helping to create a joyful, comfortable and intergenerational atmosphere. 

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