Case Studies – Hoop chair by B-Line at the new Switch Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Karim Rashid designed both, the space and the chair

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B-Line’s Hoop chairs are furnishing the new Switch Restaurant, recently opened on the Al Batheen Wharf, Abu Dhabi’s ultra-modern waterfront, driving hub of the capital’s tourism. Conceived in 2016 by Karim Rashid, who also designed the restaurant’s interior decorating, Hoop is a chair with soft and sinuous lines whose design matches the curves of the architecture hosting it. 
An enfolding polyurethane frame, that forms a surface folded into a small collar serving as an easily gripped backrest, and a solid wood structure provide the chair designed by the eclectic Karim Rashid with a welcoming and natural look. The organic and fluid shapes are repeated in the decor, the architecture of the undulating walls and in the apertures, from which natural light enters flooding the large open space. 
The warm grey of the frame and light wood of the legs, chosen by the designer to decorate the Switch Restaurant, are among the few notes of colour to contrast the white surfaces, modulated only by the play of light and shade from the niches hollowed out of the walls. 
After Dubai’s Switch, Karim Rashid once again brings to the Emirates his idea of design: direct and universal. The purpose being to create human connections through a free and sensual “humanised”, language. Hoop, voluptuous and enfolding yet simple and genuine, perfectly covers this role, with its comfortable seating welcoming the guests, helping them relax and enjoy a public venue that promotes interaction, inspiring common and positive experiences. 
Source: B-Line 
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