Canseco & Mesteño, a customized restaurant for chef Jesus Almagro designed by Aries Interioristas

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Canseco & Mesteño is the new personal commitment of the chef Jesús Almargo, a gastronomy space located in the famous build of the Hotel NH Collection Palacio de TepaJosé Luis and Mari Carmen Pinilla, from Aries Interioristas Interior Design and Decoration Studio, have been the decision-makers of the design and the configuration of the place. aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-14The interior of this space, unique and with its own character, immerse the diner on the chef proposal. HI-MACS® has been the selected material to create the central counter, the focus element of the composition because of its untainted white. The designers had worked before with the solid surface and they have no doubt to include it on this project for its qualities. Aries Interioristas had the challenge to find the best way to express the chef’s personality. The complexity of this project was on its localization due to the fact that it is situated inside of the historical and protected Palacio de Tepa. Pinilla’s brothers have overcome the challenge transforming this vaulted rooms with difficult circulation on one extension. aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-5aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-15aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-3aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-2HI-MACS® counter, the central axis of the restaurant restructuration  HI-MACS® has defined the elegant and informal rectangular counter located in the center of the hall, a practice and attractive peace that worked as a reference point for reorganizing the space. In addition, it is performed entirely with Alpine White, consequently it captures natural light in itself and emphasizes the establishment harmonization. Solid surface can be molded into any shape, for this reason the counter has a transition into different heights. On one side there is the chef work area and on the other the barman space. Thanks to its union without a visible joint, it may give the impression of a unique block. The nonporous and visually seamless surface of HI-MACS® does not absorb humidity, is highly resistant to stains, and is easy to clean, maintain and repair. This is why the material is especially suitable to use in these commercial projects. As it affirms José Luis Pinilla, the project leader: “We could have not opted for other better material, its resistance and easy maintenance was fundamental for us. Also, it is possible to polish if it scratches, reasons why is very easy work with it.” Furthermore, this place is used as free buffet for the hotel breakfast. Consequently, the durability and preservation of HI-MACS® were also paramount.

Chef Jesús Almagro with Pinilla brothers, from Aries Interioristas

aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-4aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-6aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-7For Aries Interioristas, the personalization and adequacy of materials have been the keys on this project. The combination of solid oiled wood, Corten steel, rope and solid surface has allowed creating an atmosphere which can evoke the purest of nature. For the chef, Jesús Almargo, design was very important, that is why requires an area where the diner could live a unique experience. aries-interioristas-jesus-almagro-8Text & images by courtesy of HI-MACS® Read more news related HI-MACS® published at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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