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Brightness, Innovation, and Versatility for Bodegas Fontana, designed by Gui-On Estudio with HI-MACS®

Transforming a home in the middle of Calle O’Donnell in Madrid into an administrative and commercial space for Bodegas Fontana. That was the brief to Gui-on Estudio in undertaking this project. Designed by José Daniel Espinosa, designer manager at Gui-on Estudio, and installed by Ángel Rubio’s team at AR Solid Surfaces, the new administrative department in the prestigious winery’s main offices displays spaciousness, brightness, and versatility thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as HI-MACS®. Bodegas Fontana is a family winery with over 30 years of history, experience, and tradition in the wine-making industry, having established its products alongside Spain’s most well-regarded wines. Thus, each of the spaces in which the company works should be a reflection of its personality. This is the premise that led to the creation of this unique administration department, thanks to the use of materials that convey its values. The new facilities have a useful area of 160 m2, where one of the designer’s main objectives was to generate a flow of natural light that travels through the space, along with the creation of other areas imbued with a certain visual and acoustic intimacy, characterized by their versatility. One of the materials that has made it possible to channel light into the interior of the rooms was HI-MACS®, in Alpine White. As the designer explains, “thanks to the brightness of the colour, the uniformity and continuity of the material, and the ability to join it without visible joins, means that HI-MACS® is perfect for the infinite possibilities of designing, developing, and satisfying any of the project’s practical or aesthetic needs.” In addition, the multi-functional nature of the various spaces and the potential to connect them were also fundamental requirements for developing the social and working environment. In other words, a space needed to be created that would enable communication between the different environments as well as between the people working there. The facilities are mainly used for the brand’s commercial development, although there are also small spaces for brand management and administration. An example of the different spaces’ versatility is the conference room, which is sometimes used as a tasting area. A Huge Conference Table One of the most prominent elements of this new department is the huge conference table in the main room. This is where the most demanding clients in the industry are welcomed, meaning the room must therefore live up to their expectations. Achieving this aim required a material that would be able to be manufactured as a large-scale single piece, in a bright colour, which was also highly resistant, features that were met perfectly by HI-MACS®. The result is an imposing table measuring about sixteen feet by five feet (the exact measurements are 189 in x 51 in) that is completely seamless, giving it a monolithic look. Another of the project’s requirements included using a surface that both repels any stains that could result from the wine, as well as that has a design that is in keeping with the surroundings. “Since it’s a non-porous, smooth, visually seamless, and thermoformable surface, besides being hygienic, it satisfies and solves many of our client’s requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality,” points out Ángel Rubio. Another of the most striking pieces in the office – also made from HI-MACS® – is a modern, functional structure that holds the bottles in a horizontal position, allowing them to be exposed and to hand at all times. With its innovative style, this bottle holder, found in the reception area, does not go unnoticed. The acrylic stone’s resistance allows for secure fastening and makes the product eye-catching and stand out as a decorative element that is integrated in the room. Another element in the versatile tasting area in the conference room is the shelving, also in HI-MACS®, and a stainless steel basin, something essential given the characteristics and role played by the space. All the elements maintain the consistency, conveying continuity and robustness. The solid surface material is also ideal for bathroom spaces, so it was used for the sinks in the restrooms as well. As affirmed by José Daniel Espinosa: “Gui-on Estudio demands the highest performance from the materials used in order to get the best results, and this is what makes HI-MACS® one of our strongest allies.PROJECT REFERENCES Project: Bodegas Fontana main offices Location: Madrid, Spain Design: Gui-on Estudio – José Daniel Espinosa Installation and fabrication: AR Solid Surface – Ángel Rubio Photos: Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White Information & images by courtesy of HI-MACS® Read more news related HI-MACS® published at Infurma Visit the HI-MACS® website
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