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Barcelona, new Suite Margarita Bonita romantic destination at the Abba Garden Hotel****

The Abba Garden Hotel**** in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) is the newest establishment to have a Suite Margarita Bonita at their facilities. A minimalist style and panoramic views over the city of Barcelona are the two main features of this new room especially designed for a unique romantic getaway. The Abba Garden Hotel**** is the first establishment in Barcelona to join the Suite Margarita Bonita Romantic Route, the fifth in Spain, and seventh worldwide. The Suite Margarita Bonita at this hotel stands out for its minimalist style and its spectacular terrace with panoramic views over the city of Barcelona. In addition, its location allows you to enjoy a relaxing and intimate environment just minutes from the city centre. The Abba Garden Hotel**** suite has all the key elements of Margarita Bonita. First, it features a Movement Bed and a white Neotantra Sofa. In addition, three bevelled mirrors have been added that give a feeling of extra space and enhance the romantic experience. A custom-made headboard has been designed for this room. Minimalist style, incorporating two bedside tables and an RGB LED lighting system in the back. The creation of a romantic atmosphere is also achieved with another lighting point installed along the ledge of the ceiling, and at the bottom of the bed and the couch. On a decorative level, a large rug in light shades almost completely covers the entire floor of the room to provide a greater sense of warmth and comfort. Source: Suite Margarita Bonita Read more news related Suite Margarita Bonita published at Infurma Visit the Suite Margarita Bonita website
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