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Axo Light illuminates the Scandic Tampere Station Hotel in Finland designed by dSIgn Vertti Kivi & Co

Scandic Tampere Station  is an urban hotel situated in the centre of Tampere, Finland, designed for a clientele looking for sophisticated environments with a young, fresh and extremely contemporary mood. The interior design project has been carried out by dSIgn Vertti Kivi & Co.

The common thread of the whole project runs through the aesthetic impact of the lights – in terms of size and colours – and the use of RGB LEDs which make it possible to change the atmosphere according to the time of day, using lights in different colours and directions. The decorative lighting deliberately stars the Bell and Skirt lamps from the Lightecture range by Axo Light, which were chosen by the designers for very precise reasons: their design, the possibility of having big sizes and the variety of the colours. Bell, with its "bell" shape and covering in pongé fabric, characterises the wi-fiarea and the hotel's information point. The choice of white gives the lamps an elegant discreetness, even in their extra-large format.

Skirt, the pendant fitting with fabric lampshade which recalls an haute couture skirt, has been fitted in the Bistrot Julienne breakfast area and restaurant. Fuchsia, the hotel's brand colour, is mirrored in the reflective elements in the room, and complements the furnishings. The lively colour becomes a distinguishing and characterising mark, blending with the more neutral tones of the rest of the fittings. Skirt again, but this time in white, dominates the entrance and reception area and is featured ceiling-hung in very large sizes with RGB LEDs as well as in a floor-standing version.

The Lightecture range, to which the Skirt and Bell lamps belong, is the most suitable among the Axo Light series for contract projects: 11 collections, thousands of possible variations between models, finishes and light sources to respond to every design requirement. Hotel Scandic Tampere Station - Ratapihankatu 37 – 33100 Tampere (Finland) Interior design: dSIgn Vertti Kivi & Co, Sabina Dontcheff's team, Photos: Okko Oinonen Information & images by courtesy of Axo Light Read more news related Axo Light published at Infurma Visit the Axo Light website
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