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Avus chair designed by Konstantin Grcic for Plank. A tribute to leather club chair

Designer Konstantin Grcic has created the Avus chair for italian company Plank.  A tribute to leather club chair reinterpreted using cutting-edge technology.   AVUS pays tribute to the characteristic qualities of the leather club chair: great comfort, attention to detail and refined elegance. However, the use of modern materials processed with cutting-edge technology from the automotive and sports industry makes AVUS a radical reinterpretation of the lounge classic.   The rigid base in ABS is produced as a twin-sheet moulded shell, reinforced with a polyurethane foam core. The stiffness of the base is contrasted by a flexible upper shell made of a single sheet of the same material. The soft leather upholstery is zipped into the upper shell in one piece using a technology common in the production of high end luggage.   AVUS is a compact and physically light piece of furniture with a high degree of comfort, made for the contract market (waiting areas in hotels, airports, offices) as well as private homes.     The combination of plastic shells with leather upholstery generates an exciting diversity of surfaces and allows AVUS to be produced in a wide spectrum of colour combinations, reaching from complete monochrome to strong contrasts.
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