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Arturo Alvarez offers “Lighting Tips” for both home and contract

Spanish company of handmade lighting, Arturo Alvarez, opened two new sections of tips for home and commercial lighting in its blog that are having a great succes of public. In its blog, inaugurated two new categories, one of them is named “lighting solutions for home”. Here, Arturo Alvarez will solve all the questions you have regarding decorative lighting for your home. E.g., how can you light every space to make it more beautiful? How to choose colour? What about security, technical and aesthetic issues?. The Arturo Alvarez goal is to help you and guide to chose lamps for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. The other section “advices for commercial lighting” is born with the same spirit, to guide and assist the contract professionals so they can take the best decisions when they personalize, customize and choose the best design decorative lighting for each space. Source: Arturo Alvarez Read more news related Arturo Alvarez published at Infurma Read the Arturo Alvarez special articles published at Infurma  Visit the Arturo Alvarez website Visit the Arturo Alvarez sheet at Infurma
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