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Aesthetic contrast of the Stua furniture at San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián

The recent renovation and restoration of the building has been on charge of Sobejano Nieto Architects. His idea has been to recover the original spaces and the use of the least intrusive elements to respect the original construction. Laclasica chair and Lau table by Spaniard design company Stua fit perfectly into this philosophy. The San Telmo museum is the oldest in the Basque Country. It contains a number of collections of ethnography, archeology and fine arts. Since 1932 is housed in a sixteenth century convent, making San Telmo a unique enclave located in the heart of San Sebastian, in the Old Town. Here, Laclasica chair from STUA has been featured in the four available finishes to create a pale rainbow of wood-texture. Other STUA furniture also been used: white Lau wood tables and outdoor Deneb teak benches. Source: STUA Museum site: Architetcs: Stua site: Photo: Javier Guerrero Copyright: STUA, S.A. Read more news related Stua published at Infurma
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