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7 nana Restaurant: Glam Chic. A new Asian project by Crea International

7 nana is the new Asian service design experience within retail food conceived by Crea International: a place which can not be simply called restaurant. “An amusing, interactive, young and fresh layout where approaching chinese meals, mostly the traditonal “ramen”, through an entertaining way". "A place that , within a trendy, modern and winking environment, aimes to be a multi changing opportunity scenario for hosting private & public events, like parties or cooking shows”. Simple and elegant, innovative and fun, fast and cheap to live the food experience as a show, to give gratification and entertainment. Crea International has been asked to develop a restaurant concept in Beijing (China) which were focused on the offer of chinese traditional “ramen-based” meals, in a cool and trendy style, with a touch of oriental inspiration, giving sense of elegance but meanwhile of simplicity, with a flexible service and environment. An innovative and entertaining approach to food towards the "eating-out" experience. The italian retail design company started from a market overview, rejecting conventional codes to reach distinctiveness.The project team found a way to mix and integrate the various components of the project, which were able to offer the traditional Japanese and Chinese traditions and reinterpreted them into the design metaphor “conceptual simmetry”: a contemporary reinterpretation of the rigorous and formal Tao icon, by translating it into an harmonious and contemporary look. Design: The design concept space evolves from area to area, combining materials, lighting effects, colours, scents and music : simply chic and glamour for a limitless space solution. The vibrant contrast between clear and dark customize the pieces of furnishings, the lighting shell and the elegant floors in porcelain with natural stone effect,reflect the fine deep material and the colours perfectly reflect the brand soul: on one side brown natural basis nuances transfer a simple chic feeling while on the other, the additional bright and impactful magenta one deriving from the Chinese reference world, acts as a glamourous touch to the overall chromatic palette. The stylish look and feel is created through a combination of sharp and rounded lines, where the straightforward design expresses minimalism and elegance. The entire space perimeter is emphasised with a 3d decorative wall panel, where the wave bas relief is the ideal background for the vivid and coloured environmental graphics. Visit the Crea International website
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