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Way by Snaidero: The heart of the matter

Research and technology has spawned hugely innovative solutions in terms of materials. A stand-out is the smoked oak presented by Snaidero with the kitchen Way, which, thanks to a special heat-treatment process, reaches incredible levels of natural colouring, adding to the beauty and prestige of wood grain finishes. With its rigorous technical details, but also, and more importantly, its relaxing and natural touch to home ambience, WAY's design aims at creating a contemporary, timeless elegance based on a continuous search for materials and finishes capable of reproducing natural atmospheres. WAY favours finishes such as wood combined with sophisticated and yet not prevailing nuances offered in a wide variety of colours and manufacturing technologies, ranging from lacquered and metalized lacquered solutions to the innovative and exclusive mica lacquering, which gives surfaces an extremely discrete preciousness. A definitely elegant look for the WAY product range is the new smoked oak door with an extremely natural finish; it has the benefit of offering sophisticated colour variations obtained thanks to a SPECIAL MANUFACTURING PROCESS: smoked oak is obtained by subjecting raw oak to a special treatment that turns oak's greenish-yellow colour into a natural colour varying from light to dark brown, almost black. The treatment consists in smoking the raw material with ammonia in special rooms where wood is subjected to the action of ammonia. This accelerates the colour variation process, until the desired colour is obtained and highlighted by the wood's characteristics (grains), reminiscent of naturally aged oak. At the end of the treatment, a good ventilation of the wooden material removes traces of ammonia. The wood is then processed as untreated oak and finished-painted with a clear matt varnish with virtually no colour to maintain the natural tonality the wood has taken on and the natural colour variations of smoked wood. WAY provides a wide and sophisticated range of wood finishes, which include the elegant cinnamon walnut and pure oak finishes for more natural and northern suggestions. Read more news related Snaidero published at Infurma Visit the Snaidero website
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