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Teixidors presents its home textiles novelties at ICFF 2012 in New York

Teixidors presents, at ICFF 2012 in New York, the new home on clothing and accessories made of linen, cashmere and merino wool, as well the ECO line: exclusive fabrics, new colors and developed entirely under guaranteed ecological processes. LINEN Teixidors continues the commitment to research. After some variations in the different structures of linen, the results are ultra-light products of high quality and subtlety. The changes also apply to the shades. Teixidors presents at ICFF lines of linen in trendy colors: water green, blue / gray and old pink. In addition to tablecloths, place mats, curtains, cushions and throws, Teixidors presents exclusively at ICFF the linen Maxi Trows, models that can be used as tablecloths, bed throws, sofa throws; a multi-use product for home decoration. The relationship between the different pieces configure an inspiration; a series of ideas for a better living in a harmonious and pleasant environment. The great feature of these products is that all are made of 100% European linen. Teixidors is part of the macro project Masters of Linen, which advocates the use of European linen and the quality of processing and handling of raw materials. CASHMERE At ICFF New York, Teixidors will present the new model CALYPSO in lightweight cashmere (loosly woven) following the line of the successful JAZZ collection. This is an innovative design in lightweight cashmere available in three colors: beige, charcoal and brown. Good design endures. Inspired by classic and timeless atmospheres in balanced tones, textures and sensations with surprising results of the research that has also been applied in cashmere yarns. 100% SPANISH ECOLOGICAL MERINO WOOL At ICFF New York, Teixidors will present news in the successful lines in 100% ecological Spanish merino wool. Teixidors will present in New York the throw collection SERENA, made by 100% Spanish ecological merino wool, from cattle of the Extremadura. SERENA is remarkably good for its trendy colors such as mauve, blue, green and peach obtained from certified Ecotex 100 dyes. Teixidors maintains and upholds a strong commitment to the environment. The ecological collections ensure traceability of each product. The concept of traceability means that Teixidors know the people and the processes that have been involved in the production of wool, until the consumer has the product in their hands. All colors involved in the collections come from the diferent tones that the animal fiber provides and small details of color used by Teixidors are hand dyed with plant pigments. MERINO WOOL FROM THE FRENCH ALPS 100% ECOLOGICAL AND FLAME RETARDANT As well, Teixidors will at ICFF New York present the latest developments in the lines made of 100% ecological merino wool from the French Alps. After a great investment in innovation and hard work to improve the processes, Teixidors has made this new collection in merino wool which certificates progressive ignition criteria without flame. A collection particularly suitable for hotel projects, where it is required that the interior is protected against possible fires. The flame retardant certificates are: UNE-EN ISO 12952- 1:2011and UNE-EN ISO 12952-2:2011. The collection is customizable and can be tailor-made to size. The looms in Teixidors make meterware and in this way, under order, you can create collections tailored to each project. COLLECTION IN COLABORATION WITH CRISTIAN ZUZUNAGA In New York, Teixidors will also present a new collection developed in collaboration with the designer Cristian Zuzunaga. The products presented are part of the collection “Integrate: Time and Space”, an exclusive range of home products designed by Zuzunaga in London and handwoven by Teixidors in Terrassa (Spain). On the basis of the pixelated image, this collection woven in 100% ecological merino wool, use 8x8 color combinations, in order to convert the digital imatge in real. Visit the Teixidors website Visit the ICFF website
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