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Royo Group introduces a pilot learning system for interactive training at their assembly lines

Bathroom and accessories furniture multinational, Royo Group has given the go ahead to the implementation of a pilot system of interactive training for their blue collar workers in their own assembly lines, so workers can always access all steps of the assigned processes, and at the same time, learn when performing the assigned tasks. The system is based on TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning). This is a radical change in the training approach within the manufacturing companies since it comprises lots of advantages, e.g.: avoid trips to training centers, specificity and customization of contents to the work being performed, use of a multimedia environment, segmentation according the specific learning needs, and so forth. The platform management flexibility will allow the control of the improvements real time by production managers, who will be able to make decisions in order to determine the learning needs and the jobs to assign, or for instance, start a simultaneous course for workers at several different geographical locations. Royo Group starts this way their collaboration with the Research and Development European Project Technology Enhanced Learning Livinglab for Manufacturing Environments, or “TELLME”, which promotes the Technology Institute for the Furniture, Wood and Packaging, AIDIMA, along with other fourteen research centers, companies, and universities belonging to eight European countries. The advantage of being in control from anywhere in the world of the training to improve all productive processes, adds an essential value to the company expansion, as well as having a standard of contents for all workers in the Group, as explained by César Taboas, R+D Manager of Royo Group. Taboas is convinced that this system will improve the knowledge transmission speed and will simplify learning, “vital condition to integrate new products into a market which is more complex every day, with more technology, thus contributing to the necessary differentiation in order to be more competitive. This system emerges as a great option for companies for which innovation is key”. It is envisaged that the system will incorporate a voice recognition system, but initial content access will be done through interactive touch screens, either big format or tablet screens, which is the case of this pilot initial experience. The use of methods and technologies as the own TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) which gives the name to the project, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), PT (Precision Teaching), and CMS (Contents Management Systems), among others, gives a new dimension to the training and production assistance methodology that generate a sustainable and long-lasting economic impact as the 2020 objectives of the European Union dictates. Financed by the European Union  and with a duration of three years, TELLME is an integrated project (IP) of the Factories for the Future Programme, FP7-ICT-2011-8, integrated within the Information and Communication Programme of the European Union. Source: Aidima Read more news related tellme published at Infurma Read more news related Aidima published at Infurma Read more news related Royo Group published at Infurma Visit the Aidima website
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