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Royo Group integrates technological innovations in their industrial plan to consolidate its competitive position

Royo Group, through its innovation center "Royo Group Innovation Center", has developed and integrated new systems and technology applications in their business plan in order to give a qualitative leap towards standardization and efficiency in the design, production and marketing of bathroom furniture that will consolidate its competitive position in various markets. In order to achieve it, Royo Group has implemented in its production plants a PDM (Product Data Management) that enables the optimization of project management across platforms productive. The system allows developing products from their different development centers and then launches production in their suitable production platform. Moreover, to improve decision making is designed an advanced computer application able to provide the best option for design and production, avoiding imbalances throughout the product chain. For example, it allows calculating the patterns for making new furniture according to their useful life, annual consumption, creation and management override, contemplating stock materials or components of other measures. It will increase product chain standardization, also indicating whether it is profitable to produce it in one or another production platform, based on various parameters and estimations. With all this, Royo Group has achieved to cut down product development, expand the range of products, develop more robust structures and make increase the product quality. On the other hand, has launched a major redevelopment of its coating lines in order to provide a broader range of finishes and reduce environmental impact. Technological development has been integrated at the factory in Valencia, with an area of ​​50,000 m2 that manage about 13,000 references. Subsequently it will be installed in Elita (Sztum, Poland) of 25,000 m2 that manage 7,000 references. Royo Group manufactures 600,000 and 300,000 bathroom furniture auxiliary modules per year. Royo Group Innovation Center Royo Group inaugurated its own innovation center Royo Group Innovation Center in 2012. With an area of ​​600 m2 and a team of 20 people, focus on the design, innovation and engineering, which conducts research lines on new materials, technology integration, standardization and process innovations. Source: Royo Group Visit the Royo Group website
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