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Priorat Collection by Keraben. The stone as a unifying element of ceramic design

Keraben Grupo offers innovative collections of porcelain dressing of topicality and trend different spaces. Through its designs, the company reproduces in a few hours what nature takes to make thousands of years. Materials like slate or stones are worked through careful design study, which combined with high technology recreates textures and set up more than 20 different designs in each collection.

Priorat Collection, by Keraben
A Designation of Origin whose outstanding wines are renowned around the world. A region in Tarragona built from ancient stones. A succession of abbeys, monasteries and charterhouses situated in a province that shaped and formed the great masters of yesteryear. Nature, quality and character brought together in a single collection.
Sophisticated tones to create timeless settings. Exquisite combinations that reflect a strong personality. The endless seduction of a room. Lived-in surfaces. Authentic rooms. The new potential for expression of a timeless material.
A modern take on the warmest surfaces that stands out for wide choice of options and meticulously thought-out colour range. The combination of surprising hues that can be found in stones. In aesthetic terms, this collection is perfect for interpreting even the most sophisticated renovations.

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