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Millenium by Keraben invites you to experience 3D. Wall tiles with volume, the latest trend in interior design

Wall tiles with volume are the latest trend in interior design for a touch of glamor to any room in the house. In this line , Keraben presents a new collection, where interior decor reaches new dimensions. "Architecture is the learned, correct and magnificent game of volumes and light." This Le Corbusier phrase has inspired Keraben Design Team to conceive one of their latest: the Millenium series. And the volume of ceramics and its 3D effect gives covered walls a sense of dynamism thanks to the game of lights and shadows that are generated by the reliefs. Thereby born ceramic compositions forming architectural structures where the arrangement of the parts is the key. Waves, pavers and geometric shapes on a chameleon background manage to create depth and different dimensions. This series comes in two colors: black and white, which further enhances the three-dimensional characteristics of each of the pieces. And that Millenium invites you to experience 3D. Source: Keraben Read more news related Keraben published at Infurma Visit the Keraben website
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