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Milesi presents Acrylmatt Nature: A wood effect top-coat unique and innovative

In response to specific requests from the market, and new design trends and fashion, the Research and Development  Department of Milesi has formulated an innovative product, offering a completely natural wood effect, that makes it unique in the market. Milesi presents Acrylmatt Nature, a transparent acrylic topcoat, so "natural" to the touch, it offers excellent physical and chemical resistance and exceptional protection. Acrylmatt Nature is a product created for innovative clients, it ‘s ideal for making high-quality furniture and also modern design furniture. Users looks for different  aesthetic effects to propose to new market trends. Acrylmatt Nature of Milesi is a topcoat specifically formulated to achieve the effect of unvarnished wood, getting to the wood the following protection properties: • Low opacity (less than 2 gloss) that makes " invisible " film • Silk Touch • 100% natural wood effect. • Good resistance to scratch • Excellent pore design, which is essential to get the natural effect • Fast drying • Maximum resistance to yellowing At this special moment for the market, Milesi is able to offer solutions to the customers that makes them offer diferents things to the market and their competitors and create the production of new and unique innovations. Source: IVM Chemicals Visit the IVM Chemicals website Visit the Milesi website
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