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Latest trends in ceramic. New collections by Keraben Group seen at Cevisama 2016

Trend-setting, highly aesthetic collections that draw inspiration from ancestral stone, centuries-old woods, cement, metallic plates and slate. Yet there is more...much more. The Keraben Grupo presents the novelties shown at recently closed fair Cevisama 2016. Latest trends in ceramic Essence and authenticity are maintained in pieces that faithfully recreate nature - giving rise to original and exclusive floor and wall tile collections that masterfully combine elements both contemporary and elegant. Palettes are softened, colours more faded; a range of greys and russets exist alongside blue, purple and white tones. Large rectified formats, embossments, the contrast between sombre colours and a noteworthy chromatic range inspired by the world of fashion...these are the sources of the ultimate ceramic trends. #SeenAtKerabenGrupo. The Collections Recovered Brick Wall Brick, by Keraben: Inspired by restored brick walls. The flexibility and warmth of this collection makes it the perfect wall tile for lounges, rest areas, bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms. Meanwhile, its strong character reduces the need for other  decorative items. Woods Ardennes, by Keraben: In creating this collection, the design team drew inspiration from the wood coming from the forests and hills that merge in three countries - France, Luxemburg and Belgium. The fact is, the forests of ARDENNES possess a hypnotic beauty which Keraben has been able to extract, in all its glorious detail. Wood66, by Metropol: The most contemporary of ceramic woods. Material that goes beyond its original shades, mutating into a multitude of colours. Elegant pieces brimming with added value, ideal for decorative ideas based on pure and simple lines aimed at a distinctive final arrangement. Moreover, the collection has an antislip finish for interior as well as outdoor use, helping you to achieve a sense of decorative restraint that enhances both architecture and the landscape. Stones District, by Keraben: The trend moves beyond the world of fashion and into decoration with District - a new, exclusive urban look found in the current world of interior design, where the finest aspect of each stone is rescued. Uptown, by Keraben: A collection that was inspired by New York. Emblematic buildings constructed of stone, tree-lined streets and fashionable restaurants. A neighbourhood full of museums, the finest shops and wide residential avenues. All of the charm of Manhattan represented in avant-garde stone. Terranova, by Casainfinita: A reinterpretation of the stoniest slate. A balanced and flexible collection. With its lightweight structure and well-worked texture, Terranova - the new collection by CASAINFINTA - offers the solid idea of sensory surfaces that are stimulating to the touch. Cement Route66, by Metropol: Asphalt, desert, long secondary roads, motels... Presenting Route66 - Metropol’s new collection - drawing inspiration from the cement of that legendary American highway. This collection of porcelain tiles radically reproduces the reality of cement, achieving an undeniably beautiful, high quality material. Its soft textured appearance gives off warmth and luminosity, creating an atmosphere of contrasts and a gift for the senses. Next, by Casainfinita: Cement has always been a key component in architecture and interior design. CASAINFINITA goes one step further with its new NEXT collection, with which we propose the deconstruction of cement. Clearly, the most cutting-edge designs drink from the fountains of tradition in order to become a trend. Avenue, by Metropol: Drawing inspiration from industrial material - in this case, cement - this series is available in two shades: white and beige. It is finished with meticulous decoration in a wide range of colours. A wall tile collection with hints of the avant- garde. In Lab, by Metropol: Inspired by cement, geometric shapes and an exquisite combination of nuances that come together to heighten a room’s brightness. Metropol’s In Lab collection, based on vanguard coated cement decorations, give a wall a velvety look with transparent effects and attractive shadows. With 16 different base designs and 3 conceptual piece possibilities, the collection meets the highest standards of interior design fashion. Colour Colour Me, by Keraben: In the world of fashion, the total look is made up of garments and accessories that together form a unique concept. This is precisely what Keraben is proposing for interior decoration with its COLOUR ME collection - a firm commitment to the world of colour. Leiden, by Metropol: In one ceramic piece, Leiden spectacularly recreates the appearance and texture of the finest fabrics. Moreover, this collection will surprise you with its decorative pieces. Listelos that take on a soft, granulated texture, along with conceptual pieces that add prominence to the room. Marble Evoque, by Keraben: This collection, made up of large-sized pieces, offers the distinguished aura of marble, adding to it the advantage of porcelain tiles (ease of cleaning and resistance to stains). In order to faithfully reproduce the full beauty of marble, the Keraben design team drew its inspiration from materials extracted from the world’s finest quarries. The result: an exquisite reproduction of the full range of tones offered by this natural stone. Metal Track, by Metropol: Metropol’s new collection customises industrial and modern environments in line with urban trends, clothing the floors with soft metallic reflections. The mimetic capacity of this material - based on a fusion of metals - creates simulated textures full of realism, with a variety of colours, textures and finishes. Source: KERABEN Read more news related Keraben published at Infurma Visit the Keraben website
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