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Ironman ‘Active recovery equipment’ T24.7®. Train while you dream with this mattress

Ecus has had people with high performance needs in physical and sport terms in mind and has created IRONMAN ACTIVE RECOVERY EQUIPMENTT24.7®. It is a new advanced recovery concept developed by the experts of active rest: the mattress that allows you to continue training while you rest. The T24.7 mattress offers an extraordinary high-quality rest, together with a revitalising and energising effect thanks to the Celliant and Thermic technologies. With Celliant, Ecus ensures maximum recovery and increase of physical performance. Optically-sensitive fibres and minerals are combined with factors such as the body's electromagnetic energy, sunlight and the infra-red waves of the environment. This produces a positive effect on the body in the form of an increase in blood flow, a higher tissue oxygenation, a uniform distribution of body temperature, and symptomatic relief for arthritis, diabetes and muscular pains. Conversely, Rafrechi, with the micro PCM (Phase-change material) capsules inserted into the fibres that form the fabric, ensures a microclimate with a balanced temperature, reduces transpiration, decreases the risk of hypothermia and eliminates temperature peaks near the body. Three functional and customisable sections, according to the physiology of each user, form the structure of the T24.7: 1. Topping: Celliant and Thermic technologies provide a sensation of natural softness and comfort. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal. 2. Custom: It offers 4 levels of firmness adjustable according to the anthropometric needs of the user: soft, medium, hard and extra-hard, minimum body-pressure. 3. Foundation: The core has 7 independent comfort areas -head, shoulders, lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet-, which achieve a perfect adjustment with the spine. Practising sport equates to harmony between the body and the soul, and rest is one of the main pillars for a good athlete to perform well. IRONMAN ‘ACTIVE RECOVERY EQUIPMENT’ T24.7® represents maximum comfort and an excellent progressive support. It helps you fall asleep (15 minutes earlier) and gives you a pleasant waking-up (33 minutes later). Source: ECUS Visit the Ecus website
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