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In&Out: Winner project of the International Design Competition, Jump the Gap

Big efforts bring great results. Ron Arad and Javier Mariscal invited the winner of the 4th Edition of the international competition, Jump the Gap, Michael Warykiewicz, to join them in the mad Gala Ceremony created by Roca for the Award Ceremony, which brought together VIP's from the media and the design and architecture world. That was what they were cooking. Following a difficult voting process due to a hugely successful level of participation at this year's edition (3,004 entries from 92 countries), the judges panel for the 4th edition of Roca's Jump the Gap International Design Competition has chosen the project In&Out, created by the young 27 year old Polish designer, Michal Warykiewicz Michal Warykiewicz's proposal consists of a highly innovative solution for the bathroom space; an original shower unit which can be used in the house as well as the garden. To achieve this function the shower is built on a circular base with two columns that hold semi-circular screens or partitions. A noiseless hydraulic engine allows the shower unit to revolve 180º so that it can be used both as a refreshing garden shower and as a normal shower inside the bathroom space itself. In both cases, a liquid crystal system provides adequate opacity to the shower screens, thus allowing for complete privacy. As is already tradition in this competition, the Awards Ceremony was held in London. On this occasion however, the ceremony has been held in a surprising and unique framework; the Roca London Gallery. This gallery, designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects studio, is not just a visual space but instead uses precision and control to help visitors better understand the relationship between the architecture of the space itself and the design of Roca bathroom products.
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