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Industrias Químicas IVM involved in the III International Simposium Furniture Finishing

The III International Symposium of Furniture Coatings organized by the CEMER (Consortium Timber School of Andalucia), will take place from June 24th to 27th at Cemer facilities  in Encinas Reales  (Cordoba). After the great impact of previous editions, Industrias Químicas IVM Company will continue to work hard on the sponsorship and advice  of this project, as a judge and speaker, among other collaborations. The objective of this III International Symposium of Furniture Coatings is the mutual exchange of knowledge and best practices among attendance. This meeting will consist of interesting practical and teorical seminars given by Mr. Vicente Quesada Joyanes, the Technical Manager of the Andalucia Area of Industrias Quimicas IVM, a leader company in Spain in the wood coatings bussiness. The main goal of the project is focussing on innovative products, equipment and machinery used, because it is the only way of getting a differentiation, providing add value to furniture. Other important features for the event are: - Environment respect. - Safety and health respect of staff. - Aesthetic aspect. This event has no other aim than giving prestige about the importance of the process of furniture finishing, because it is the critical step that brings more add value in the furniture manufacturing process. With this participation Industrias Quimicas IVM, belonging to the group IVM Chemicals, continues promoting differentiation on innovation of new products, improving processes of wood finishing in order to achieve the objectives of quality and competitiveness that requires the current market. Source: Industrias Químicas IVM Read more news related IVM Chemicals published at Infurma Visit the IVM Chemicals website
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