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ILVA presents a high gloss topcoat with the highest scratch resistance

The continuous demand for improvements in high gloss topcoats within the industry of kitchen cabinets, bath, modern furniture and high decoration, has led ILVA to the need to increase and  optimize, this range of products, in order to meet the quality requirements of its customers. Continuos testing of new raw materials allows Ilva to get hightech products with higher guarantee, safety and quality for the final consumer. Ilva presents Ilvacryl Brightness,  a clear highgloss polishable topcoat  with the following features: •    An exceptional surface hardness and high resistant to scratching. •    Fast drying. •    Very good resistance to telegraphing in time (shrinkage). •    Polishable topcoat in 24 hours time. •    High yellowing resistance. Ilvacryl Brightness is a product designed for manufacturers looking for something more in their topcoats, and wants to offer their customers a topcoat with excellent physico-chemical resistances and an excellent aesthetic quality.  Regarding to  domestic cleaning products resistance, Ilvacryl Brightness meets kitchen cabinets regulation UNE 56-842. In addition,  Ilvacryl Brightness is a topcoat intended to meet  production and quality requeriments in customers with high demands in innovation and design in both industrial and hand-crafted. It is ideal for all manufacturers applying special effects (metallic, pearlescent) when they need a high quality gloss and high surface hardness. As usual Ilva is strongly committed to responsible technology and innovation, and states  this product is a qualitative improvement in high gloss processes. Source: ILVA Visit the ILVA website Visit the ILVA sheet at Infurma
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