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Finsa presents its new product “Superpan Star” in collaboration with Basf

The wood solution SUPERPAN STAR by FINSA, developed in conjunction with BASF, is given “Special Commendation” in the Design in Manufacturing Awards at the W12 Exhibition, Birmingham. BASF and FINSA have together developed a particleboard which is up to 20% lighter than a standard particleboard.  It combines FINSA SUPERPAN® and BASF Kaurit® Light technologies. In the recent DIMA at the W12 Exhibition, awarded to the best industrial designs, Superpan Star was given “Special Commendation”. The judging panel, made up of a committee of experts with vast experience in the UK furniture and wood industry, highlighted design practicality and innovation as key criteria for the 2012 awards. BASF, the World’s largest chemical company, and FINSA, the leading wood-based panel producer in the Iberian Peninsular, have collaborated to develop this board which offers better ease of handling by the end user, as well as reducing CO2 emissions associated with their transportation. The already well-known benefits of SUPERPAN® technology, patented by FINSA, are that it combines the advantages of medium density fibreboard (MDF) with particleboard.  The outer layers are made up of fibres, as an MDF board, and the internal layer is similar to a particleboard”, explains Siro Gomez, FINSA Marketing Director.  “Because of this, SUPERPAN® boards offer greater board strength than a standard particleboard.  SUPERPAN® offers several advantages with respect to processing: cutting, drilling and decorative covering are all of the highest quality”. “This collaboration shows that Kaurit® Light technology is not limited to standard particleboard, but can also achieve weight reductions in other kinds of board”, states Wolfgang Gutting, Vice-president of BASF SE. For more information about SUPERPAN STAR and Kaurit® Light, visit: & Source: Finsa Visit the Finsa sheet at Infurma
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