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Crespo inaugurates a showroom in Germany through its distributor Frankana

The camping and caravaning company Frankana opens its new permanent exhibition, the only one in its kind. An area of 1100 m2 which recreates the camping world with the corresponding equipment like: camping tents, sleeping bags, awnings, etc, in which Crespo participates with a permanent exhibition of its collection of tables, chairs and cupboards. Also Frankana has a technical and quality area. It is used to explain to the customers the characteristics which differentiate a cheap mass produced product from the specialized products. Here Crespo explain the details that lets they combine resistance, comfort, minimum space, functionality... and all that lets guarantee their products till 3 years. Furthermore, they set a space to the new products introduction, accessories museum and coffee shop, where Crespo also is present with its models. Visit the Crespo website Visit the Crespo sheet at Infurma
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