Compac unveils Unique Calacatta, inspired by one of the best-loved natural stones

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Of all the varieties of marble, Calacatta is one of the most sought-after for its beauty and uniqueness. The Spanish multinational COMPAC has been successful in designing a new quartz surface covering inspired by all the beauty and elegance of this natural stone, while offering a mechanical and chemical performance that is superior to nature's own. Cocina_Calacatta_glace_HiUniting traditional skill and avant-garde know-how, this company has created a design that perfectly displays the exclusive contrast of grey veining on a pure white background that is characteristic of Calacatta. The result is Unique Calacatta, an advanced product for architects and designers, who, as from today, can now use this impeccable natural Calacatta finish in their projects, with all the technical features of COMPAC quartz. Every reference in this new product category is unique on the market, because just like in nature, each slab presents different nuances and patterns in design. Banyo_Calacatta_detalle_bancada Unique Calacatta now makes it possible to decorate private homes and public spaces with elegant overall compositions that transmit serenity and harmony. The striking contrast of snowy white with the powerful veins characteristic of marble give any space clad with these products a truly magnetic personality. Added to all this is an enviable set of technical specifications, as the natural hardness of quartz comes hand in hand with a waterproof finish offering even greater resistance. This means that Unique Calacatta is a product that is especially appropriate for intensive use areas such as kitchen surfaces, floor tiling or wall cladding. Detalle_Cocina_Calacatta_Canto2_glace_HiThe presentation event at the company's headquarters in Gandía, Spain, was attended by some 200 COMPAC customers and collaborators. Professionals from the trade came from Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and Panama, among many other countries, to see Unique Calacatta for themselves. COMPAC installations were totally transformed so as to submerge guests in a breathtaking minimalist environment to witness the international launch of this innovative product. COMPAC CEO Paco Sanchis narrated how his team had experienced the trying process of developing this product to attain results that no one else has ever achieved in kitchen surface coverings to date. He also emphasised that Unique Calacatta is the biggest achievement the brand has made in recent years and that its infinite applications are set to revolutionise the fields of interior design and decoration. Banyo_Calacatta_detalle_jarronesAttendees were able to witness firsthand the high levels of resistance offered by COMPAC quartz, surpassing all other materials, and learn about the transformation process that converts natural stone into beautiful pieces with technical features that are even higher than their natural counterparts. These features enable COMPAC to offer the market's first lifetime warranty in the quartz kitchen worktop industry. It is the non-conformist, avant-garde mindset that is the cornerstone of a company that has learned how to create trends in interior design and make a real difference on the international market. This Spanish multinational, with a team of over 300 professionals, exports 70% of its surface coverings and is present in over two million homes all over the world in addition to large-scale public infrastructures. Banyo_Calacatta_detalle_cenitalCOMPAC has a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme whose main objective is to ensure respect for the environment. The reforestation of over 30,000 native trees in Abrantes, Portugal, the search for new sustainable materials, the use of clean energy and the reduction of its carbon footprint are just some of the initiatives undertaken by the corporation in the last few years. Detalle_Cocina_Calacatta_Canto_glace_HiSource: Compac Read more news related Compac published at Infurma Visit the COMPAC website
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