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Climber by Ludewig, Elegant glass slat cabinet with comfort motor-driven opening by Rehau for kitchens

The glass slat cabinet CLIMBER by Ludewig is presented in puristic design and meets the comfort demands of the end consumer at a high level: the slats, which are made of safety glass, open by touching the sensor and enable easy access to glasses and crockery. With the CLIMBER by Ludewig, opening becomes an experience: the motor-driven, sensor-controlled opening mechanism ensures a high level of comfort in operation. A light touch of the sensor below the wall cabinet is enough to make the glass slats gently slide up, allowing easy access to glasses and crockery. The slats are made from safety glass and can therefore cope with all everyday loads. CLIMBER by Ludewig therefore stands out as a solution that is both multi-faceted and functional in any kitchen. With a slat width of 13 cm, the slats create a harmonious, two-dimensional front. In terms of colour, the glass slats of the CLIMBER by Ludewig are available in six finishes – including the very popular Perla and Magnolia tones coordinated with the RAUVISIO crystal product range. As a result, the kitchen designer can work throughout in the product range coordination guide: kitchen doors, drawer covers or pull-out fronts of floor cupboards, corner cupboards and tall cupboards in RAUVISIO crystal can, for example, form a perfect combination with the CLIMBER by Ludewig. In addition, the glass slat cabinet is available in the colours white, black, black translucent and Satinato, which further expands the scope for design. The colour collection for the carcass includes the two decors high-gloss white and stainless steel finish. REHAU offers the CLIMBER by Ludewig in various dimensions and supplies a complete, pre-assembled cabinet module consisting of carcass, slat system and the appropriate motor unit. The installer needs only to unpack the module and hang it – the top-class wall unit is finished. Source: REHAU Read more news related Rehau published at Infurma Visit the Rehau website
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