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Canella Mobiliario and the Royal Tapestry Factory sign a cooperation agreement

The high end furnishing firm Canella Mobiliario and the Royal Tapestry Factory signed a cooperation agreement about international trading and promotion. The goal of this agreement is to take advantage of the synergy between the two enterprises to access to future business opportunities. The above-mentioned firms are positioned in the luxury goods segment and offer exclusive products to customers with a high purchasing power. Furthermore, they create artisan and traditional products; marquetry, fine cabinetry, silver and gold printing foils are just some of the elements Canella carefully puts on every single item. In the workrooms of the Royal Tapestry Factory, master knitters continue the ancient tradition of making tapestries of high warp or hand-knotted rugs with Spanish or Turkish knot, while embroiderers keep up the art of doing closets with an handcrafted technique. The art of the dyer, meanwhile, provides infinite shades for wool and silk. The ‘Spain’ brand and the value of our artisans Besides promoting both brands, this partnership aims to enhance internationally the value of "made in Spain" as well as our valuable artisan productions. According to Salvador Jiménez, Manager of Canella Mobiliariothe alliance with the Royal Factory involves working with a brand that fulfills two criteria on which we agree: production takes place exclusively in Spain with an artisan value that survives since the XVIII century”. With an economic climate marked by globalization and outsourcing  of companies with the aim of reducing costs, these two companies bet on differentiation based on the careful selection of materials, high product quality, or on the customization of every order, which implies a clear key success factor. Canella  Mobiliario is a Valencian company that produces high class furniture for over 40 years, so it has exclusive clients in more than 50 countries. Its customers are institutions, large corporations or private customers with a high purchasing power. The Royal Tapestry Factory is an old institution that continues the tradition of excellence in the luxury arts of historical royal articles. Specialized in the manufacture of carpets, rugs and closets, it has a client portfolio spread throughout the world. Canella Mobiliario doubles the yearly presence in the Milan Exhibition 2014 In this edition, the Valencian firm will be present with two different stands: Stand B32 in the Pavilion 2 of the Gallery in which the classic Collections, with Alemán and Babel lines as protagonists, will be shown for all of our visitors at the Italian expo. Audere, the new collection by Canella, lands in the Pavilion 1 (Stand D03), dedicated to the modern and contemporary furniture, with the aim of reaching a younger and different audience. Source: Canella Read more news related Canella Furniture published in Infurma Visit the Canella Furniture website
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