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‘Always on the move’ is the new campaign by Actiu that encourages innovate, create and fight for your challenges

Always on the move’ is the new campaign from Actiu, the Alicante company which specializes in the manufacture of office furniture and equipping facilities, with which they have tried to capture the spirit of childhood and which encourages us to create, play, innovate and reach our challenges while on the move. Through audio-visual media and a direct and digital marketing campaign, the company launches an encouraging message that prompts us to reach 2014 full of energy. Its up to you to get things moving’ is the message from the campaign launched by Actiu and which is intended to incentivise and encourage its users to not stop moving, creating, innovating and striving for those things that they dream about. A message which is also used to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of projects, where movement starts a new rhythm full of prosperity. And what can we move? To start with, a spinning top, a present from the company to its contacts. A nice touch that brings together the nature of the company into one single object. Actiu started from the toy valley, La Foia de Castalla, located between Alicante and Valencia and neighbouring towns such as Onil and Ibi with a long tradition of toy making. With a simple piece, they invite us to relive our childhood, with moments filled with happiness, innocence and illusion. And, at the same time, they encourage us to become active via a short and effective speech. "We were looking for a metaphor that we could apply all the facets of life to, and in times such as these, reinforce the idea of excellence, innovation and courage. And furthermore, who doesn´t have stressful moments at work? It is for these times that we believe a spinning top will be useful" says Soledad Berbegal, Head of Communications and Corporate Strategy at Actiu. Sustainability, one of the cornerstones of the company, is also reflected in the choice of this toy. "This is a sustainable object, it doesn´t require batteries. Furthermore, it is hand made by toy craftsman. And primarily, it is like people; a simple push can trigger great movement." Soledad concludes. Along with the spinning top, the company has created a marketing campaign which is based on an audiovisual presentation and a digital campaign. The products, the facilities and the values of this family company are the stars of this video which is based upon "when you discover what moves you, nothing will stop you". Because as the video says, roughly speaking, Actiu may only manufacture office chairs however it never stays still.  Its attitude, via its work philosophy based on innovation and efficiency, keeps the company constantly moving and improving.

"Two years ago we decided to change the typical Christmas greeting for a more ambitious campaign which wished people a Merry Christmas, but also allowed us to get to know Actiu values: its committment towards design, the value of its roots, sustainability and the importance of internationalisation. After much reflection, we decided to design a direct marketing campaign that humanises these values and the way to work a business" says Soledad Berbegal. Since its beginnings in 1968, when Vicente Berbegal opened his small workshop where he manufactured furniture to order, the company has come a long way in which, according to Berbegal himself  "there hasn´t been any failures, only difficulties to overcome". Obstacles that have led to the creation of new strategies, such as creation, development and implementation of projects at international level or the committment to create its own industrial park. A priviledged and extensive workspace which also features the prestigious Leeds Gold certificate, which has positioned Actiu as a business model supported by energetic sustainability and respect for the environment. Source: Actiu Read more news related Actiu published at Infurma Visit the Actiu website Visit the Actiu sheet at Infurma
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