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ACTIU praised in Australia as a model for Sustainable Industry

More than 170 professionals from design and architecture , from all over Australia, have gathered together in Sydney to find out about the project Actiu Technological Park, the first european Industrial building to obtain the LEED GOLD certificate. Actiu is a spanish company that designs, produces and commercializes furniture and shared workspaces in 65 countries, in the headquarters Cervantes Institute in Sydney (Australia), presented its business model as a success case of sustainable industry, in front of more than 170 professionals from design and architecture. Throughout the talk ´Who says sustainability and business are not compatible?´ Soledad Berbegal, responsable for Communication and Corporate Strategy at Actiu, announced the business values of the firm embodied in Actiu Technologial Park, which resulted in great interest from the Australian market, as it not only represents construction that respects the environment but a whole business philosophy that also encompasses sustainable production and the marketing of eco-designed products. Actiu Technological Park, situated in the province of Alicante, is the work of the architect Jose Maria Tomas Llavador. It is the first Sustainable Industry project in Europe which has been certified by LEED® Gold awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council; a project with a surface area of 200000 m2, with 40000 m2 of productive plants, 18000 m2 for logistics and 6000 m2 of offices, which has the largest photovoltaic plant on an Industrial roof in Europe, allowing its self-sufficiency and being able to provide electric for one year to a population of 5000 inhabitants. The buildings also allow rainwater to be collected and stored in tanks as well as minimizing the power consumption taking advantage of natural light thanks to the skylights installed in the roof, being south facing and glazed facades. Cristina Teijelo, Economic and Commercial Counselor in the Embassy of Spain in Sydney, said that “the commitment of Actiu towards sustainability generates a differential corporate image that has been greeted with great interest from potential prescribers in Sydney. The backing of ICEX and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Australia will undoubtedly contribute to the commercial penetration of Actiu in the Australian market as is the case in the major countries in the world where they successfully market their furniture”. To mark the International Design Award ‘Red Dot Product Design Award 2012´, which was received recently for the design of the Actiu TNK A500 chair in Germany and the interest shown in the prescriber sector in Australia for this recognition, Actiu raffled a TNK A500 chair at the end of the event amongst the same participants; on a curious note, amongst the catering which was served after the event, Actiu offered one of the most typical dishes of Alicante, Paella, which delighted the attendees. Read more news related Actiu published at Infurma Read the Actiu special articles published at Infurma Visit the Actiu website Visit the Actiu sheet at Infurma
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